Band Logos and Colour Science – MM001

rock band logos

Why is Pink Floyd’s logo purple but The Rolling Stones red and does it really matter? According to a recent article by Leo Widrich at Buffer the color of a bands logo could seriously affect its ticket and album sales.

Let’s look at some classic band logos. Can you get a sense of their music based on the colors?

rock band logos

Which color triggers which feeling?

The people at The Logo Company have come up with which colors are best for different bands and artists.

GREEN – natural, organic, youth, adventurous, calming

BLACK – powerful, strength, definite, credible, direct

BLUE – credible, clean, focused, professional

When you look at some of the large non-music brands you see their use of color to create emotions.

brand color emotion guide

Analytics company KISSMetrics recently created an infographic on the science of how colors affect your purchasing decisions.

Red and black/white are used frequently by bands and music artists looking to project strength, excitement, power and youth. Although it’s interesting to see that some bands flip the idea of color psychology on its head. For example a grunge band like Nirvana using yellow, a color usually intended to denote optimism or Pink Floyd’s purple lettering, a color seen as calming, feminine and more often used on anti-aging products for women.

color psychology

How to Choose a Color for your Band Logo

If you are an artist or band whose fans are mainly women, here is KISSmetrics advice for you:

  • Women love: Blue, Purple and Green
  • Women hate: Orange, Brown and Gray

However if your music has a mostly male following things are different:

  • Men love: Blue, Green and Black
  • Men hate: Brown, Orange and Purple

So did you think about color when choosing your logo? Would love to hear your ideas.