The Insider’s Guide to Marketing Your Songs

When it comes to marketing your songs, there’s a limit to what digital marketing can do (i.e. social media). Sometimes the old ways are best. Especially if you are looking to have your song/s played on the radio. For every Justin Bieber (who became famous because of YouTube), there are thousands of far superior indie…

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Music Marketing Strategies in Social Media

Unlike other service-based products, marketing your music on television and print ads aren’t as viable an option for struggling artists. Sure you may put out a classified ad every once in awhile, but unless you or your band is already signed up with a recording company, chances are television and magazines are out of your league.…

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You Know Your Music, What Next? A Solid Music Business Plan

After years of honing your musical talent, a small fortune spent on instruments and lessons, you finally feel ready to take on the world. You know your scales, your theory, your tunes all by heart… …so what now? Doing what you love and making a living out of it is everyone’s grail in life. Musicians…

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Gypsy Rhythm Domination Bonuses

Gypsy Rhythm Domination

I’ve just heard from my friend Robin that he’s opened up enrollment for his new online guitar course. As part of this I have five awesome bonuses worth over $2,000.00 for those who register using this link: BONUS #1: Robin’s announced that he’s giving away for free his most popular high-end training course, Gypsy…

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Time Management for Musicians

time management for musicians

Yesterday I was filming with a music producer friend of mine who was has worked with Sir Paul McCartney, Ray Charles and Mariah Carey. We were doing an exclusive interview for the students of the Music Business Kit program and the issue of time management as a critical skill for musicians came up. A musician today has…

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The Perfectionist Musician Myth


You are going to make mistakes in your marketing. There are going to be times when you get it really wrong, whether it’s in the execution of a marketing idea or a weakness with the idea itself. But here’s the rub… Perfection in marketing is pretty much impossible. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t…

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How Music Marketing Works (The 7 Steps) – MM002

Music Marketing Strategy

Understanding how music marketing works is critical if you want to make it in music today. Learning these simple 7 steps of successful music marketing will help you take your career to the next level. It’s both a blueprint and a roadmap that you can also use to create the kind of music career you…

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Teaching Music Online – MJ002

Guitar Girl

The past five years have seen an explosion in the ways that musicians are teaching music online. Why give lessons in your local music store when you can make more money teaching people online from the comfort of your own home?  Here are some ideas on how to teach music online: YouTube Online drum and guitar…

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How To Get Gigs – MT001

how to get gigs

Did you know that some corporate and wedding bands are making over $3million a year just from playing private gigs? These are artists and bands you’ve never heard of, yet they get to travel the world playing music and having fun. In this fascinating interview Douglas Gillespie of the ‘Entertainers Agency’ talks about what it takes…

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Band Logos and Colour Science – MM001

rock band logos

Why is Pink Floyd’s logo purple but The Rolling Stones red and does it really matter? According to a recent article by Leo Widrich at Buffer the color of a bands logo could seriously affect its ticket and album sales. Let’s look at some classic band logos. Can you get a sense of their music based on the…

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