How To Be A Booking Agent – MJ001

How To Get A Booking Agent

Live booking agents are at the heart of the music business and the top agents can make in excess of $100,000 a year. In this lesson agent Kelly Folley talks about how to be a booking agent. Agents help build an artist or bands live career, book their tours, advise on fees and routing and act…

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Music Business Plans – MB001

We often learn more from our mistakes and failures than our successes. With my Music Business Kit™ I share the common mistakes musicians make in order to help you avoid them. Today I wanted to share with you a mistake that a lot of creative people (including myself) make that stop them achieving their goals.…

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Daily Rituals: How Musicians Work

Daily Rituals for Musicians

The majority of creative people have Daily Rituals. How do you do the creative work of songwriting, recording or touring while also taking care of the business end of your career? Is it better to devote entire weeks or months to the business of being a musician or to set aside a small portion of…

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