Music Business Ideas for Music Lovers


Building a music business is not reserved for musicians. Even music lovers can get in on the action. With a little bit of creativity, and some research, music lovers can create their own thriving business without learning a single note on an instrument.

Many music lovers out there often dream of getting into a business where they can live out their passion. However, oftentimes, they don’t act on it due to a misguided belief that the music business is solely for musicians. Remember, not all music jobs are for musicians only.

Below are some music business ideas for music lovers:

Music Podcaster

If you love to listen to music, and talk about it, why not start a podcast? All it takes is a microphone, a computer, and an Internet connection. Many podcasters out there are earning good money talking about the things they love, so why don’t you?

Start by thinking of a niche to talk about. If your podcast is too general, chances are you won’t get noticed. But if you have a podcast that’s targeted at a specific niche, then you have a strong chance of making it big. If you love jazz, try focusing on, say, jazz swing. If you’re into metal, focus on death metal. Rock? How about focusing on grunge? As long as that niche is something you enjoy talking about yourself, you can’t lose.

Music Review Site

Pretty much like podcasting, but instead of talking about music, you write about it. As with the above, try to find a niche you can focus on. There are tons of music review sites out there, but I bet there aren’t too many of, say, Appalachian Mountain Music.

The point is, find a niche you enjoy and just start blogging about it. Do review of new releases, albums, songs, concerts, and most anything about the niche topic you can review about. Be an authority on that type of music and pretty soon, fans of the genre will take your word as law. It helps too that the more traffic you get, the more money you earn as well.

Online Record Seller

Here’s a niche for you – old records. Though records are seeing an uptick in popularity, it still lags behind CDs and streaming music. However, there are many collectors out there who can’t get enough of them.

If you love old music, try selling old records online. Hunt them down in garage sales, estate sales, online auction sites, etc. If you can buy in bulk, all the better. Set up a website focused solely on your online store, and pretty soon, you’ll have tons of record lovers flocking your site in no time.

Fan Page Administrator

If there’s one band or artist you really, really love, why not start an unofficial fan page for the band? You can start by writing reviews, posting schedules, etc., to try to attract members. Since all would be fans of the same band, you can even start selling unofficial merchandise, or charge a small subscription fee so members can get the latest news on their favorite band and continue to talk with like-minded individuals. If the number of members start to grow, you even start hosting fan events.

There are tons of other music jobs out there for music lovers, all you need is a little creativity and the drive to see it through. It may be tough at first, but if you work hard enough, you will see profits from it soon.

Music business ideas don’t usually come out of the blue, so take this list as the spark to get your creative juices flowing. Once an idea strikes, act on it. Research all about it, and be serious about it. Most business endeavors fail due to a lack of passion, so be sure to have loads of it before you start.

To find out more how you can find that creative spark, and to super boost your ideas into fruition, check out the free Music Business video training series from James Taylor here.