What The Right Music Marketing Agency Can Do For You

Starting a career in music, you’d need to let people know first that you exist. It doesn’t matter if you have the songwriting talent of Dylan, the chops of Vai, or the crooning voice of Sinatra – if no one knows you exist, your music would fall – not on deaf ears – but on no ears at all.



What you need is proper marketing. You can choose to do it all by yourself, which is doable but can be time-consuming, or you can find a proper music marketing agency.

By hiring an agency to represent your music, you get professional marketers who are well-versed in both traditional and Internet marketing strategies. A successful execution of both would garner you a strong fan base and a healthy promotion of your music. And since you won’t have to handle these yourself, you are able to work on your music full-time without distractions.

The Benefits

Internet marketing would need daily managing, and if you opt to do it all yourself, you might get lost in all the hubbub. A proper agency can manage and maintain all your social networks, with you giving input from time to time.

An agency can also help define your brand or image in the industry. Even the most talented musicians need help in fixing their identity to better match the wants of the music-loving crowd, so why wouldn’t you? Agencies have a pulse on what sells, and they can help fix your image to match that. This doesn’t mean you will be changing who you are though, it just means you are packaging yourself to be more palatable to the masses.

Once an identity has been set, an agency can also help in creating a website for your music. While creating websites today can be done by most anyone, with the help of an agency, you not only get professional help in constructing it, but also gain vital digital marketing for it.

While direct marketing is an effective tool, one must be focused to who they are marketing to. An agency can help identify the areas where you are most likely to be noticed and heard, and target them specifically. This takes a lot of time and effort, and to do this yourself would be a huge time-waster. Time better spent on writing music.

During performances and gigs, artists would need to do some personal PR. While the occasional handshake and exchanging of business cards is not that much difficult to do, to do so at a large scale can tire you out. An agency can do all the offline marketing you need so you can just perform and relax before and after each gig. Of course, you might have to do personal one-on-ones with important industry people, but all the business talk can be left out and be handled by the agency.

Some are more equal…

However, it’s important to note that not all agencies are created equal. Some may focus entirely on digital marketing, while some only do offline marketing. Others can do both, but may be expert at only one. Finding the right mix of both offline and online marketing is crucial. Keep this in mind when you start to research on various music marketing agencies.

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