You Know Your Music, What Next? A Solid Music Business Plan

After years of honing your musical talent, a small fortune spent on instruments and lessons, you finally feel ready to take on the world. You know your scales, your theory, your tunes all by heart…

…so what now?

business-planDoing what you love and making a living out of it is everyone’s grail in life. Musicians the world over struggle to convert their talents to legal tender (exposure won’t pay the bills), some get lucky and strike gold, while others – who sometimes are more talented than their financially well-off peers – can’t seem to catch a break. But is it all just luck?

When carving a successful career in music, luck is always a good trait to have. But more often than not, you need to push yourself and create your own.

As with any other enterprise, having a solid business plan is key. A quick search will net you thousands of hits for how to come up with a successful one, but how many are there that can help you come up with a solid MUSIC business plan?

Many colleges and universities offer music business programs. Those who are just into the business side of the industry usually take these. Unfortunately, musicians don’t always have the time to delve too deeply in the business side, lest their arpeggios become rusty.

There are also a few online music business programs, but how many of them are run by legitimate experts of the field?

Before you choose a program, make sure it is helmed by someone who knows the business inside and out; someone who has a solid track record, and has used his or her strategies with mind-blowing results. Someone who has actually helped boost the careers of real musicians – not just any musician mind you, but world-class, international artists, of high renown.

Music business plans are easy to come by, to be honest. It’s the ones that work, however, that are rare.

If you truly want to build up a music business plan and let fly your own career, who else than someone who’s been there and done it?

So before you jump, do your research. Find out everything you can about your potential mentor. Read reviews and ask around if you must. Your first step to music business domination starts with the proper mentor.

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